Tone Tubby

logo-1-wpTone Tubby Hempcone replacement speakers deliver a powerful, natural sound and cone durability. Used by music greats like Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Trey Anastasio, and Grateful Dead, Tone Tubby amplifier speakers give you a consistently sweeter sound. Whether you’ve attended a large amphitheater concert or intimate nightclub gathering, chances are you’ve already experienced the Tone Tubby sound! Professional musicians rely on Tone Tubby guitar speakers and speaker cabinets to optimize their recording sessions and live performances.
Paper cone speakers are less reliable, often tearing or burning out. Hemp provides a stronger, more durable speaker that can withstand the heat and wear. You get a rich, creamy sound and superior tonality you won’t hear with ordinary paper cone speakers. Cones made from hemp not only sound good, they are good for the environment.
Customize your sound! Choose any Tone Tubby Speaker and up to 4 speakers in your Tone Tubby cabinet.

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