What’s the difference between the Hempcone and a paper cone?
The Hempcone produces more frequencies then you have ever heard out of a paper cone. It has more bass response, better mids and a sweeter high range – unlike a paper cone’s shrill highs and lack of true bass response. There is no cone cry or ghost notes with the Hempcone. The Hempcone also loves power. It increases the 20 watt paper cone Tone Tubby speaker to a 40 watt speaker.

Is there a break in-period?
We think they sound great right out of the box but, like any speaker (or a pair of shoes) they get better with time. Any signal, guitar, music, pink noise etc. will speed up the break-in period

What’s the difference between Alnico and Ceramic magnets?
Alnico is inherently warmer and smoother than Ceramic. Ceramic magnets tend to produce a brighter, edgier tone and work great in 4×12 sealed back cabinets.

Are there different versions of the Hempcone? We have evolved (fine tuned) to three different 12″ Hempcones: H1 Original Hempcone. H1E Our original Hempcone with an Enzyme for extended highs. H1EDD Same as the H1E but “dipped” for even more highs, while maintaining the fullness and smoothness of our original Hempcones. H1E is now our standard Hempcone in all our speakers. Our other 2 – 12″ Hempcones are available.

Why are the Tone Tubby Cabinets made with a semi-open back?
The Hempcone likes to breath and works at it’s optimum when it is not sealed in the cabinet. For closed back applications the Ceramic Hempcone Tone Tubbies seem to work best.

Will they fit in my combo?
The 12″ Alnico Tone Tubby measures 6.5″ with the can on and 6″ with the can removed. The 10″ Alnico Tubb measures 5.5″ with the can on and 5″ with the can removed. The can is attached with a center slot bolt and glue. The Ceramic 12″ is 5&1/8″ deep.

Can you recone any other speakers with the Hempcone?
Yes, some but not all. We can only do speakers where the cone fits. For guitar, these are: Vox Blues and Bulldogs, Celestion Vintage 30’s and Black Shadows, Weber 12’s and the JBL 120’s. For Bass we can do the 15″ D140 and 10″ SWR, Eden and Eminence.

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